"I am just writing to let you know how impressed I am. I have worked with many painters over the years and no one's work compares to yours. No one ever suspects that the faux marble tiles you painted are indeed just that - "faux". They match the real marble perfectly. And the bathroom with the special plaster effect is a favorite of our guests. People just love it especially when I tell them that you customized the template for the pillars." ~ Shelia Coleschmitt - Duxbury

"Sal is the consummate professional. His creativity is exceeded only by his talent. The result, an artist who was easy to work with, who completely captured the desired theme, in several different spaces, and who did it all on time and under difficult working conditions (I believe on one day he had to access the second floor by climbing a ladder and crawling through a window). Sal was the best and we couldn't be happier." ~ Ann Taylor - Chestnut Hill


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